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Creating a Bookmark
Enabling ****** Password Display

I wanted to see the password hidden beneath the string of ****'s in the password prompt on the site I was trying to enter. I looked around the web a bit, and found that there IS a way to do this but the process is not well documented and - although a bit tricky it is not at all difficult to set up on your PC

I decided to "roll my own" and create a link on my bookmark toolbar that would enable this display. Before we begin, ensure this page fits on yoour screen by pressing Ctrl-+ (the Ctrl key and the + key at the same time) until you can read evrything here on one screen. When done here, Ctrl-- (the minus key this time) will return the screen content to its original size.OK? Then here we go:
  1. I began with (of course) making sure my Bookmark Toolbar is visible (View Toolbars on the Menu bar). To prepare for the placement of the code, copy (Ctrl-C) the information following the 'Magic Code' on this page (but NOT the words Magic Code, just the data beginning with javascript:(function()) and the Ctrl-C copy you created will place this nagic code on your 'Clipboard'. Then, on the Bookmark Toolbar, Right-Click to Add Bookmark.
  2. You will see a new entry dialogue. Place the mouse pointer in the Name field and enter 'Unmask'. The 'URL' is what you copied to your clipboard. Place the mouse pointer in the URL field and paste (Ctrl-V) the Magic Code (string of javascript) from your clipboard into the URL prompt. Finally, a 'Tags' option allows you to place 'Unmask' there, and for 'Keyword', same thing - Unmask; then click on 'Save'. Your new Unmask button is now added to your Bookmarks Toolbar.
OK? You're all set, but now you'll want to test what you've created. The following program will do just that - it looks like a login page of some sort but is just a test page; use whatever password you wish. Viewpswd goes nowhere, and the only point of this exercise is to show how Unmask works. Here is the link to test your new Unmask capability:

View Password. Note: after completing the entry and before pressing 'Reset' - test your new Unmask button. After you've tested to your heart's content close the View Password test page. Your Bookmark Toolbar is now set up to unmask those passwords whenever the need arises.

That's all there is to it! If you see anything wrong or that can be improved on, you can reach me here Regarding Unmask. Thanks for looking...
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